you ever get in those moods where a family member just opens their mouth and youre like





i’ve noticed the “kimono” style shirts have become really popular recently and i think that they are super cute but is it appropriation to wear them? i wanted to check before I considered buying one or thinking about it because i don’t want to try and steal part of that culture or anything.

Those are not kimonos, they are literally just cardigans, jackets or whatever. Wear them but don’t call them kimonos. They’re not the traditional kimonos



this entire episode is a treasure.


do u ever smell weed and wonder where that chill person is


"fat girls shouldn’t—"

—have to deal with your narrow minded bullshit.


I think this was my favorite group


Does anyone remember the commercials where the kids asked for ravioli and their parents said no so the kid put it back but then the can threw itself off the shelf and rolled its way to the kids house and the mom was so accepting of it when she found it not thinking if her kid took it anyways after her saying no and they ate it for dinner.


on the one hand it’s a joke but on the other hand where is the lie